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Finexo, Forex At Its Best

The foreign currency exchange market offers today's investor many advantages and here are three reasons why you might want to trade the Forex with Finexo.
A Market Which Never Closes

Many of the markets around the globe are located in fixed locations and operate with a set trading schedule that is limited to just five or six hours a day between Monday and Friday. The Forex market is open 24 hours a day. This means that investors can take advantage of world events and act on them as they happen. They can also set their own trading hours, morning, noon or night and know that the market is active whenever they trade. Finexo has 24 hour live customer service to help you whenever you need it.

Low Trading Costs

In most markets, traders usually pay a commission or fee to the broker for facilitating the trade in addition to the "spread", the difference between the purchase and sell prices. With Finexo, an investor only pays the spread. With over 3 trillion dollars traded each day, the spreads are typically less than those in the equity and commodity markets.

High Leverage

In the Forex market it is quite common to find traders leveraging their capital by one hundred to two hundred times their capital. This leverage affords traders the ability to take a larger position and increases the upside potential significantly. With greater reward comes greater risk. For this reason, risk management is tightly controlled in the Forex market. Finexo seeks to educate our clients as it is our belief that an informed investor is a successful investor.

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